Basics explained: What are the benefits of health insurance.

In a world where age is just a number and fitness is synonymous with health, getting health insurance has become important. You may postpone buying a policy but there are implications of avoiding it all together.


Here are some benefits that come with your health insurance plan

Financial savior:  A visit to the hospital can cost a lot. You don’t want to be caught off guard in a situation where you need emergency medical help. Medical insurance allows you to deal with such a situation without a worry about the costs.

Savings Santa:  You might often think of making investments but postpone it each time. Buying a health insurance could equate to an investment venture. Perhaps even help you save for that dream car you always wanted. You might have to shell out a huge amount when a dear one needs hospitalization. A health insurance policy ensures you pay less and don’t eat into your savings.

Tax aid: Your health insurance policy also helps you save tax. You are covered against health issues and enjoys tax benefits on the policy. Besides, premium paid for your parents’ health insurance also entitles you for tax deduction under section 80D.

Tailor made: You might be unsure of how a health insurance would cover the health needs of each family member. A variety of categories are available under health insurance to suit your need. For example, you could choose between a family floater and an individual plan depending on your personal needs.

Feature fest: Your health insurance can cover more than you think. When you buy health insurance you have the freedom of choosing from a vast range of available network hospitals. Some policies offer features like free health check-ups, ambulance service and medical equipment.

Mind at ease: Daily life chores could be weighing you down. The ever increasing costs add to life’s struggles. A health plan ensures peace of mind. You might want to spend your time and money doing other things rather figuring out means to pay for health expenses. By choosing to buy health insurance you might be taking a decision that gives you mental peace too.

The timing of your choosing to get a policy is your choice. The fact that nobody is getting any younger should help you get one soon. The benefits vary depending on your choice of policy and premium. But the benefits of having a health insurance policy far outweigh not having one at all.


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