5 Point Checklist For That Amazing Road Trip Travel

Road Trip Travel

Have You Ever dreamt of an amazing road trip travel, Great!

And BOOM! You thought of turning your impulsive dream into a reality.

But, hey! Wait!

Have you planned and done all the groundwork perfectly too?

Obviously because a road-trip doesn’t just mean taking out your machine to instantly hit the roads. Planning the destination can be easily dealt with by taking suggestions from friends and folks.

But, what about the tech gear, the car care, snacking and the most unnoticeable factor, read below to know.

We have made a 5 point checklist below for you to have an amazing and the most memorable road-trip ever!


1. Did you plan a budget for your road trip?

You may have believed your impulsive decision to go on a road trip.

But, hey! Hold-on!

Did you do your home-work properly of setting up a budget for your outing? Even though you may not travel by air, but trust me, the expenses can shoot up to sky high especially if you are on a tight budget.

Arrange and keep funds ready for your expenses on fuel, food, accommodation as well as toll. Make a note of your expenses and carry a calculator to get an idea of the spends.

It makes sense to share the budget especially when you are travelling with your friends. Try to pull down the expenses wherever possible but definitely not at the cost of safety.

You may also carry some home-made food or dry eatables which can serve the purpose on the way. Keep yourself hydrated as much as possible.


2. Did you tune up your car before embarking on this most awaited road trip?

Checking the overall condition of your car before hitting the rugged roads is most important. Yes, the tires, fluids, air-conditioners, belts, engine oil, batteries need to be checked by a trusted and qualified mechanic before you finally embark your trip.

Tires being the utmost important part of your car, make sure they are good enough to run on the rugged Indian roads. Pressure too matters the most. So, have it checked thoroughly.

Besides, check if the car’s headlights, interior lights as well as the indicators are working well. If not, immediately get them fixed.

The horns and the windscreen wipers need to be checked too.

So, do not forget to check these basic features of your car to enjoy a smooth and hassle-free road trip.


3. Do you have a car insurance to be financially secure in case of any unfortunate events?

Well, car insurance is one of the most unnoticeable factors, most of us tend to conveniently ignore while planning an outing. You might be a pro driver but unlikely events can happen anywhere, anytime.

In situations like these, a car insurance acts like a savior.

Let me tell you if aren’t already aware that car insurance is categorized into two types.

First, being the third-party car insurance that compensates any damages caused to the third-party as well as their property due to your car. This forms a mandatory insurance as per the Indian law. Any vehicle plying on the Indian roads whether used or unused must have a basic third-party car insurance as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The other not mandatory but a very useful car insurance is the Comprehensive car insurance. This type covers the damages caused to your car as well as the third-party in case of an accident.

You would not want to haggle with the traffic cops over a fine and spoil your mood on not having a car insurance.

Do not forget to carry your driving license too.

So, before you step out, do check if your car insurance is valid to take care of things which are not in your control at times. Wait no more and secure your peace of mind and financial security with a car insurance right away!


4. Are you well-equipped with the safety items in your car?

Needless to say that emergencies pop-up uninvited. To be ready for situations like these, it is important that you pack up your car trunk with the below mentioned safety items:

  • First aid kit
  • Window breaker
  • Duplicate or spare car keys
  • Flashlight
  • Booster cable
  • Tool-kit
  • Jumper cables
  • Flares
  • Warm blankets
  • Spare tire in a good condition
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • WD 40
  • Extra water bottles
  • Umbrella
  • Paper towels
  • Emergency cash


Also, most importantly carry a phone that is fully charged to make communication hassle-free during emergencies. Believe me, a power bank and a USB car charger would act like a life-saver during your road trip.


5. Is your planned itinerary a rigid one?

Okay, let me remind you one thing that you haven’t planned this road-trip to be like a punishment. You have planned it to enjoy and cherish every destination of your travel.

Do not plan your road trip with rigidity. Don’t just cramp-up with additional destinations to be completed within a certain time frame. You don’t want to just touch the destination and move to another one.

Take it easy on your stops and enjoy every location you reach. Get down from the car, stretch your legs, drink water, eat something light and just relax your back.  After all, you don’t wish to get exhausted and fall sick during your road trip.

I would suggest, plan a rough itinerary with minimum destinations and let the impulsiveness do the rest!

Carry a road map or a guidebook so that your trip-partner can do the reading while you drive and find more interesting opportunities on the way!


Bottom line

So, pack your car like a pro. Keep an eagle’s eye on something as important as car insurance. Ensure a safe drive. Save some bucks even if you are on a good budget. Click a lot of pictures and stay entertained with music and games. Road trip can be fun and memorable if you plan them smartly keeping in mind the short checklist mentioned above. After all, who wouldn’t love to cherish those memorable and crazy moments before embarking on the next amazing road trip?

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