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7 Tips To Save Money While You Buying Car In India

We all know how much a car means a lot. Cars are no more considered as lifeless object that is used for the only conveyance purpose. It has become out heart and soul. Thus, while purchasing and selecting we also have to save our money as much as we could. Here are some tips to save money while you buy car in India.




7 Tips To Save Money While You Buying Car In India

1. Get In contact with, authorized car dealer
Although an unauthorized car dealer offers great discounts on the car purchase, but you cannot actually trust them on selling a genuine car with genuine car accessories. Not only this the authorized car dealer can offer 7 types of discount such as:
a. Dealer discount
b. Corporate discount
c. Exchange Bonus
d. Loyalty bonus
e. Discount on the insurance premium
f. Discount on Finance
g. Discount on other hidden charges
If you can bargain and convince the car dealer to provide almost all of the 7 discounts, then you can save more than 10% of the car price.

2. Never shy off from bargaining

You must know how to buy a car in India. When you buy car in India, you must bargain hard on the final on-road price excluding the insurance.

3. Buy car on specific occasions
In India, Diwali or New Year time is considered as the best time to buy a car. During this time great discounts, offers and bonanzas are showered by the companies of the customers.

4. Avoid taking car insurance from the dealer
This tip to save money can actually save a lot of your money because the insurance company offers heavy commission to the car dealer for the purchase of insurance.

5. Bargain for free goodies
Once the car you wish to buy is finalized, it is turn to bargain for the free goodies. The dealer has a great money margin, so there is no need to feel guilty while bargaining for free goodies. Show your bargaining skill and take complete advantage.

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6. Sort things out before making payment
Avoid signing or paying through cash or cheque until everything you desire for is finalized properly and mentioned on the company letterhead.

7. Ask for warranty extension
The car can break down anytime be it a new car or an old one. So, it is better to have an extended warranty for saving you from the expense incurred from the unforeseen breakdown of the car.

All these tips to save money on car purchase will surely help the first time car buyers. You must be a little confident while bargaining because only then the dealer will fall into your trap instead of you falling into his trap. In India, Buy car Now….. Diwali time is around the corner and you will love the offers that are showered on you.


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