Travel insurance is, without a doubt, a boon for travellers. When travelling abroad, you are generally unaware of the whats and hows of the medical process.  Your travel insurer comes to your aid during an emergency at such locations. But under certain circumstances, the insurer may reject your travel insurance claim. Here’s why:

1. Wrong or inappropriate coverage

If you had purchased travel insurance without any research, you are likely to find your claim rejected. Buying a travel insurance suiting your requirements is very important. You must be aware of what your travel insurance entails and the period you are covered for. Your claim may also be rejected if the emergency occurred after the policy expired.

2. Claiming for exclusions

There is a list of factors not covered by a travel insurance policy. While some of these are permanent exclusions, you may get some included by paying an additional premium. If you are filing a claim for one of these excluded items, your insurance claim may not be approved. You must read the policy document carefully to know the inclusions and exclusions.

3. Misplacing bills

To claim reimbursement of your travel insurance, the insured has to furnish bills of expenses to the insurer. Failing this, the insurance company can decline your request for reimbursement. You are expected to file bills and receipts of every medical expense incurred during your travel to get the benefit of your insurance.

4. Misrepresenting medical history

Do not give false information of pre-existing medical conditions when buying and claiming your travel insurance. If during the scrutiny your medical history is discovered, which was not declared while buying the insurance, your claim could be rejected.

5. Indulging in adventure sports or alcohol and drugs

Holidays mean fun and adventure. If an accident occurs due to adventure sports, in all likelihood, your claim would be rejected. Activities which are a risk to life are, generally, not covered by your travel insurance. It is wise to check your policy or speak to customer support beforehand if you plan to indulge during your holiday. If you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident, do not expect to be covered by your travel insurance.

6. Not reporting on time

In times of emergency, it is crucial for you to get it reported immediately. In thecase of an accident, visit the hospital or in case of theft, file a complaint at the police station. A written report – medical or police complaint –is one of the documents you need to submit while filing a claim. If you report after the allowed 24-hour window, your request may not be approved.

7. Not visiting pre-approved clinics

There is a list of hospitals and clinics that are pre-approved by the insurance company. At some of these, you can even avail the cashless facility. It is advisable to check this list in your policy kit or contact your insurer when using your insurance. If you visit a non-listed clinic/hospital, your insurance claim may be rejected.


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